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News: He Has Rizen (EP) - Out Now

  • 3:44 AM
Soulja Corleone's new project has been out for a 2 weeks now. And, it seems as Soulja Corleone has gone back into hiding. He's no longer updating his social media feed with hints at anything new. Except "He Has Rizen" on Twitter, and Facebook now and again.

But, what is to come now. Is Soulja Corleone finally going to put out a album, or something? That's a question that has been floating around Soulja Corleone since 2014. When he announced his "Redemption" album. Which kept being delayed, and finally scrapped.

Is that something Soulja Corleone plans to revise, or just act like it never happened? But, one thing is sure; he does have something up his sleeve. Before the release of Soulja Corleone's current project. Soulja had been on social media with the #13Hour hashtag. And, on the project Soulja has the "13th Hour Flow" track. Is this Soulja's way of hinting at something. Do he have something in the works with HB of CFB? Since he tweeted out that they was working on something.

Maybe its too soon to assume something is coming from Soulja Corleone. Since he is a person who says that quality matters to him; more than quantity. For now the people have "He Has Rizen" to listen to, but as Soulja Corleone said "Its just the beginning."
  • 10:22 PM
Soulja Corleone released his new project on to the web today. Hitting his social media with it hours before its intended release time.

On his Facebook page; he placed the SoundCloud link to the song with a status saying "Before the 13th hour. #‎HeHasRizen‬ now on SoundCloud for your consumption.. This is just the beginning.. In due time for the rest."

  • 10:07 AM
Soulja Corleone has returned with a vengeance. For some days he has been active on Facebook, and Instagram with cryptic status like "Help is on the Way", "He Has Rizen", and "He's Coming."

If you wasn't paying attention, you wouldn't have known what it meant. He even put out a very short video on Instagram of a new song; atleast a part of it.
  • 4:15 AM
Its been a full year now that Soulja Corleone has been retired since announcing in early 2015. Although he didn't fulfill a promise to his listeners, and that was to release a album that he was working on in 2014.

But, how has the days been for Soulja Corleone? Well that is the question, and finally catching up with him to see what he's been up to, and whats to come in this new year.

When asked "What was you up to in 2015?" Soulja replied "I was relaxing, and enjoying life. At least trying to. Its life. There is going to be ups, and downs as the days change. But, I'm alive to see a new year, and wake up to see a new day. So, no complains there. (laughs)"

That was followed up with "Why did you release "The Truth" track, and no other music last year?" Soulja replied "Its complicated. I felt like I owed people a reason why I left. I kind of sugar coated the reason why I wanted to retire. And, although I didn't say it straight out in the verse. It was something. There was so much going on in late 2014, and early 2015. I wasn't excited with the music I was making. I wasn't content with where I was mentally. But, I kept going cause people kept telling me to go. And, I know I had so much to talk about in the music. With new ideas of how to create. Then, my own fear sunk in. How was people going to take the approach that I was trying to do. I wanted to sing on songs, and I wanted to try different flows when rapping. So, what I did have recorded. I released as the "Journey EP" for people to listen to. And, it was a mixed bag of responses. So, I was between a rock and a hard place. To decide to go back to what people liked, or continue on where I wanted to go. In the end. I decided to quit."

But, with that being Soulja Corleone reacted different to the next question of "How did everyone else feel from the label when you announced your retirement?" He says "The only person I was speaking to at that time was Cash (Jay Hollin) and he was I guess cool with it. Everybody else kind of heard when everybody heard. I really didn't expect no responses from everybody else. The label had died long ago. And, I'm not afraid to admit that. From day one I told everybody they wasn't obligated to the label. If they wanted to up, and go out to do they own thing. They could, and I wasn't mad. At the end of the day. I'm still not mad. I love seeing what Cash (Jay Hollin) is doing. Cause he learned, he adapted, and now he's out conquering. Seeing some artist comeback as ghost of yesterday's past. Is a beautiful sight. I know many might have some negative things to say about me. But, I'm happy for them still. I'm not going to hold grudges after its all said, and done. I might have when it first happen, and went out on tracks talking crazy. But, that person is who I was, and not who I am today. I'm still grateful for them coming in, and creating what we created back then. And, seeing it evolved into what it is today."

Now, the real question for Soulja is.. "Is there going to be any new music for Soulja Corleone in 2016?" Soulja says "The only way for new music to come out from me. Is some old music I been recorded. I mean I still got it a little, but not rapping for so long as definitely took its toll on me. And, I'm not the spring chicken I was. Who could write, and record a verse in 15 mins. Have a mixtape done in a week. That's the old me, and if I do have something of my sleeve. Then, I'm the only one listening to it. That's why I started making music in the first place. But, it just grew so quickly with putting it on the net. And, I lost sight of that at the end of the day."

Soulja says he's not making nothing for 2016. But, lets remember this is Soulja Corleone. He always has something up his sleeve for release. As of now Soulja is continuing to remain quiet through social media. And, says he is focusing on other business endeavors for the year. 

  • 11:21 PM

Out of random Soulja Corleone drops a new track. The new track was entitled "Truth" on Soulja's SoundCloud page.

A while ago Soulja Corleone did break his silence with a Facebook page update saying "If your waiting for a return to the game, that could be plausible." Is this what Soulja Corleone was mention in that post with the release of this new track.

As of now its been a while that Soulja Corleone has been under the radar staying quiet on social media. Could he be breaking his retirement for another run. The question is still unanswered. Although in the track. That is down below for listening. Soulja did speak on alot of things concern his music as of always he speaks personally about his problems, but the most notable line that sticks out are.

Stating "How many said that I wouldn't get signed, when they said it, wasn't my time, but when it was, I surely declined, respect my morals, respect my mind." Followed by "I speak my life, I speak my pain, I did it all, still remained the same, I watched so many try, but yet they changed, but they the ones who said that I changed." It seems that Soulja Corleone is still speaking on his reason for declining deal offers some years ago, and staying an independent artist. The song is put together well with Soulja showing no signs of weakness in his flow on a smooth beat, along with a interview sample from Tupac Shakur.

However, you look at it. Its still great that Soulja Corleone stepped back into the light if only for a minute. Maybe this is the beginning of more tracks to come with for the future.

  • 12:27 PM
The recent hiatus of Soulja Corleone has been long going for sometime now. But, in a recent break of silence. He has spoke on one word on his new album. "Indefinite" was that word. Soulja Corleone says that the album may or may not be released this year, and he has no intentions of rushing the process of creating it.

It has already been three years since the announcement of the album. After the 2012 release of "Music. Pain." album. Soulja has put out unfinished, and unmixed portions from the album, but nothing conclusive on its state of release.

At the end of 2014. He did say that the album would definitely be released this year, but after no announcement of release date. The album looks as if its going to be permanently shelved until Soulja Corleone is ready to work, and release the album.

As a previous statement Soulja Corleone has always used pertaining to his projects is.. "The album will come when its ready." Maybe when Soulja Corleone feels as he has a complete body of work "Redemption" might see the light of day, as for now it only has one official track released from it.Which was released 2 months ago. Will something be released in the meantime. Only time will tell.
  • 4:58 AM
Soulja Corleone recently broke his silence with doing a Q&A session on Ask.fm. Where he allowed his followers from Twitter to ask him anything. During the Q&A fans sparked some response about Soulja Corleone's retirement, and the still unreleased album.

Soulja did answer every question in detail for the fans, and cleared up any rumors about him, and his hiatus. The more introspective questions are below.

Q: When is the album being released?

Soulja Corleone: The album will be released when its ready. I have no intention to release the album if I'm not truly satisfied with it. And, at this point in working on the album. I haven't been fully satisfied with material. Until I am. The album will stay unreleased.

Q: Why retire so early in your career?

Soulja Corleone: It may seem early to people who caught onto my music late. But, I have over a decade invested into the music. I think I've had a great run as a solo artist, and its time for me to focus on other things musically than just being a face, and brand to go along with the music. I honestly think I have more to offer musically where I don't have to be out front, or have my name placed on the front cover. And, with that the music will benefit more than my ego.

Q: Will there ever be a sequel to Mildley Woods?

Soulja Corleone: There was a time I thought of doing a sequel to it. But, in retrospect it wouldn't have helped the integrity of the Mildley Wood persona. My music changed so much since the release that it would have brought what people loved about Mildley Woods into the world of Soulja Corleone. And, I like to keep those two separate.

Q: What's makes Mildley Woods different from Soulja Corleone?

Soulja Corleone: Mildey Woods is a persona of Soulja Corleone. Its like Nino Brown is a persona of Wesley Snipes. Mildley is a more easy going party persona, where as Soulja Corleone is a realist, political, emotional persona. At the end of the day. I am both of them since I created at them.

Q: What happened to The Team and YBG?

Soulja Corleone: The Team is YBG. And, nothing happened to the group. Just the artist who make the group has moved onto other things in their careers, and we talk about doing another YBG project all the time, but it just hasn't happened.

Q: What is your favorite album/mixtape of your catalog?

Soulja Corleone: Honestly, I have no favorite. All of my music is growth of me as a artist throughout the years. But, if I would have to pick one. It would be "Who is Mildley Woods?" because that project was never intended to be released. It was just music I was working on while working on another project. And, it took form on its own. Its been 4 years since its been out, and listening to it is still new, and refreshing to me.

Q: How is your relationship with everyone on SDIMG?

Soulja Corleone: My relationship with everyone who was on the label is still good. We speak when we can, and there is no bad blood between any of us at the end of the day. Whenever any of them need me. I'm always going to be there for them. I don't know why people tend to think that we had label falling out, or something. But, we're all good. And, very respectful of each other's career choices. 

Q: Who is your competition?

Soulja Corleone: Honestly, I'm my own competition. If that would answer the question. But, if it comes down to any of the people I've worked with. They're all my competition. And, my top competitor is Jay Hollin. He has always been my main competitor when it came down to music. At one point when we first started, I knew it was nothing to make a better verse than him. But, as he grew as a artist, he made me question my verses, re-write verses, re-record songs. And, I am most happy for him for where he's at in his career. I know when to take Ls, and I took a few to him on some songs. 

  • 10:42 PM
Soulja Corleone dropped a track out of no where. Early for some, but late for others on March 3rd. The new entitled "Smoker, and a Drinker" popped up on Soulja Corleone's SoundCloud page with no form of announcement from his Twitter or Facebook pages. 

At this point in time is normal for a release from Soulja Corleone. The real shocker is that Soulja did update his Facebook page saying "It has begun. Redemption on the way. Just wait on it."

Its's been a real quiet project for Soulja Corleone working on this new album. Many people either have forgotten, or just don't care anymore about it. And, it seems as Soulja doesn't care to rush himself in putting this album out any sooner than when he wants to.

Sources close to Soulja Corleone says he has been working on the project, and being very discreet about its progression. But, the first official release from the album in the form of this new track. Is a sign that he is working at his own pace, and making some great material while doing so.

Check out the new track "Smoker, and a Drinker" below.

  • 10:46 PM
Soulja Corleone who is no stranger to taking break from creating music. Has made an announcement that might change his career.

Through sources close to the rapper. It has been said that his "Redemption" album that is slated for release this year. Will be the final album of the artist. As of recent there has been alot of wonder around the artist. Who has been seemly venting his frustrations through his music.

In a newly released track entitled "RunNTellDat" uploaded to Soulja Corleone's SoundCloud page. It seems as Soulja Corleone is either in defense, or on the attack of some speculators. Following the release of that track. Another track was posted entitled "The Message"to the page. Where Soulja Corleone parodies people asking him for studio time at the beginning of the song, and lays a verse that is seemly unforgettable. Speaking on how people have taken the fact that he's been rapping for so long, and now quitting. For the reason things aren't like they used to be. He closes the verse with 
"I stole, borrowed, reinvented flows, now I got so many, that I can let them go, and let you n*ggas have one, but just know they all clones, my unwanted sons, even if they write they own sh*t, they ain't sh*t without the n*gga who gave them, their first hit." 
Obviously the line, and the song entirely is aimmed at someone, but Soulja Corleone hasn't spoken on the situation. As far as the upcoming album from Soulja Corleone. Sources have said that he his working on the album, but still doesn't have a release date of any sort. 
  • 12:54 AM
Soulja Corleone recently opened up on his Facebook page. In a now deleted post about how he contemplated quitting music for good.

The topic was raised with the release of "Over" from the newly released "Journey EP" mixtape. In the song Soulja speaks on how he has dedicated his life to making music, and hasn't earned much from it. He also touches on his hiatuses from making music. And, how people he has helped with their careers, but after reaching success. Turn their backs on him.

In the post Soulja cleared up any misconceptions the song might have made. He says "For who this may concern.. There has been many dark periods in my life that I've vented through my music. And, in turn my music is part of my identity, and something I can't change. But, to set the record straight. Yes, it is true. I've thought long and hard about quitting music. But, not in the sense of quitting it completely. More or less quit making it public. The music I make has always been for my own listening pleasure. I never attempted to seek fame or fortune out of this gift, and skill. But, I did make it public. So, that others may have access to my story, my views, my thoughts. And, maybe that's where I went wrong."

He continues the post with "Me having harsh feelings towards anyone I worked with? Never. I love everyone I've worked with past, and future. No hard feelings at all. I've always told anyone who has worked with me that there is a level pass this one, and I won't be mad, or jealous that they reached for it. And, that they never had think that they had to come back for me after they made it. My understanding is everyone has their own journey in life, and career. So, if I hadn't made it there on my own. It wasn't my time to be there in my life, and career. I've been blessed with many opportunities to take it there. But, to really assume greatness takes time, and patience. The greater I become, the greater the opportunity will be."

He then finishes the post off with "I will continue to make music for myself, and anyone that decides to listen. The people who have rode with me through all the years of my career, and seen me grow into the artist I am at the moment, and you know I didn't start this yesterday. Any person with as many years into making music as me would have been blown up, and fell from grace twice by now. LOL. But as I said before I haven't assumed greatness yet. The album will be in the works along with much more music, and collaborations. Just wait on it."

Since the original post was deleted Soulja Corleone's Facebook page has been quiet, although he has been active on Twitter speaking on new music. As for confirmation on a collaborating mixtape with Will Boy hasn't come through yet, but it shouldn't be to far down the line.

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